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Low-tech frontend

Different types of stickers for different types of assets/uses [tracking, pairing, inspection, etc]


Gather & analyze data, displayed in simple, yet powerful dashboards, state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to improve logistics, supply chain efficiency, etc

Barcode scanners

And/or smartphone app for efficient scanning and tagging at distribution center/refill plant. Simple efficient web interface for bulk editing

Pay for the Sticker, Stay for the Software.

Asset tags, stickers, labels, holograms for:

Last mile logistics tracking (doesn’t require any additional stickers, only an asset tag). Done by using BaiaNet to track asset movement from distributor to end customer.

Built-in loyalty program to encourage customers to crowdsource data for you


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For the customer or producer

Tracking, tracing, data harvesting, trusted brand

For the consumer
or end user

Verification of authenticity, quality assurance, loyalty program

For 3rd party inspector/government

Ease of inspection, ready-made end-to-end solution

Customer Experience

Real-time updates

Be able to easily check and verify that the product you’ve bought is the real deal, not counterfeit.

Use it anywhere

VerifyScan works on any device


Get rewards in the form of loyalty points for discounts on future purchases

Use Cases

A simple way to ensure your cooking gas is legit and safe. At the same time, you earn points that can be used to buy your next gas bottle cheaper. BaiaNet’s last mile logistics optimization guarantees fast and cheap deliveries.

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