Africa’s New

Doing business in Africa is now as
easy as messaging a friend.

In The News:

BAIA recognized as 1 of 15 top EU Startups for our financial technology that is busy transforming the lives and business of people throughout the $19T emerging and informal markets across the globe. Read more here: EU Startup News

What is BaiaNet?

BaiaNet is the first crowd sourced collaborative commerce platform designed exclusively for emerging markets and informal economies. BaiaNet removes barriers of entry with simple messaging and transaction tools that work on any connected device. By providing an intelligent ‘Infostructure’ that these economies have never had access to before, BaiaNet is transforming the commerce landscape across Africa. Optimizing and mediating the flow of people, goods, services, and payments to be more efficient at every turn. Saving valuable time and creating more opportunity for more people to make more money; because  doing business across Africa should be as easy as messaging a friend.

How BaiaNet Works

BaiaNet offers endless opportunities for buyers, agents, and suppliers to save time and make more money. By aggregating supply & demand data the network can intelligently provide them direct insight (information or opportunities) in order to smartly connect and safely transact. BaiaNet increases productivity in unstructured and chaotic markets by crowd-sourcing data and using powerful A.I. to move people, goods, services, and cash across a network designed exclusively to service informal economies.


Intuitive chatbot interface accessible on every type of mobile device.


Orchestrating actors and
connecting the digital world
to the physical one.


Calculating and optimizing the network.


Real-time tracking, visibility, and integrated notary service.


Secure transactions that support face-to-face commerce, as well as digital stored value

Agents of Change

Side hustles are how people survive and get ahead in informal economies…but they often lack the information and tools needed to make side hustles efficient. BaiaNet empowers everyone to make more money in less time. BaiaNet is helping new businesses get off the ground, existing businesses reach new heights, and communities become more prosperous.

Know More

Critical information always in your pocket.

Do More

Maximize your time and productivity.

Earn More

Increase your profit and the ease of your transactions.

Beyond Smart

BaiaNet optimizes on the fly using proprietary machine learning and mathematical modelling to analyze every exchange, bid request, payment, and delivery completed. Optimizing in real-time enables the network to get smarter by the second – connecting suppliers, agents, and buyers faster. This increases the economic velocity of entire communities and maximizes time and profit for every user in the network.

The BaiaNet Effect

With the power of BaiaNet in everyone’s pocket we’re bringing technology to the masses. Enabling everyone to easily connect and transact. As more buyers, agents, and sellers join BaiaNet, the ‘infostructure’ becomes stronger and more intelligent — accelerating the exchange of goods and services across and through informal economies. Creating a groundswell of wealth and prosperity for all.